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A Year Like No Other: Self-Reflection (Winter and Spring 2021) (Winter 2021)

01 May 2021 , English - Arabic

Life during a global pandemic has certainly been a harrowing experience. Having gone through the turmoil of the past 18 months and as we continue to fight to forge ahead in pursuit of the light at the end of the tunnel. Exceptionally, this year, we are publishing the four issues of SCIplanet printed magazine in two combined issues. In these exceptional issues, not only are we seeking silver linings and good news, but we are revamping ourselves as well.

SCIplanet Kids (Winter and Spring 2021) (Winter 2021)

01 May 2021 , English - Arabic

SCIplanet Kids is an Annex to SCIplanet edutainment science magazine published by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center (PSC). The Annex aims to intrigue the youngsters; aging 8–12 years old, with science and get them excited about it through fun stories and activities.

Dualities of Life: Fact and Myth (Autumn 2020)

01 October 2020 , English - Arabic

Myth has existed long before facts. Since the dawn of time, humans have used mythology to interpret and explain all kinds of phenomenal puzzles. Over millennia, myths have evolved, stretched, and intertwined to form an intricate web of fiction that, despite great scientific achievement and discovery, still holds humans back.

Indeed, the shroud of myth is almost impossible to shake; simply said, because myth is inherent in our nature and cultural conscious. Why? Because myths tend to be much more attractive and titillating than plain facts; we tend to favor exaggeration and drama. Ironically, if people are more keen in searching for the facts, they would find that they are actually far more fascinating than myths; they just need to be unraveled and pieced together. This is where science comes in and it is up to science communicators to convey the charm of the facts and help the public dispel the magic of myth and shrug off the cloak of fiction.

Dualities of Life: Good and Evil (Summer 2020)

01 July 2020 , English - Arabic

More than anything else in life, scientific discovery and invention have always been fraught with tragic, often plain destructive, misinterpretation, misrepresentation, misuse, and abuse. The reality is science is, has always been, and will always be the main battleground for good vs. evil; both sides will continue to tug on every chance it gets to use science to gain grounds and achieve wins over the other side. It is up to us, science communicators, to put the spotlight on this eternal war, so that the public be alert and fight for science to always be on the people’s side; all people’s side. As such, in this issue, we try to sift through a few examples that demonstrate how science can be employed for both the improvement of life, as well as its destruction, just to give readers an idea of a much, much greater and more profound topic.

Dualities of Life: The Earth and The Sky (Spring 2020)

01 April 2020 , English - Arabic

In our first issue of this series dedicated to the “Dualities of Life”, we welcomed 2020 with excitement as its uniqueness inspired our first issue about the “Duality of Past and Future”. We have worked on this second issue dedicated to the “Duality of Earth and Sky” during the first few months of 2020; indeed, we ensure you a myriad of interesting articles about a diversity of topics that roam Earth and rove the Sky, unraveling the secrets of life in between.

Dualities of Life: The Past and The Future (Winter 2020)

01 January 2020 , English - Arabic

It is a New Year and not just any New Year; it is 2020! It does not seem that long ago we thought of 2020 as a far distant future; now that it is here, we find ourselves at an interesting juncture between the past and the future. Looking back, we realize how incredibly far we have come, and surrealistically fast within the past century, especially within the past couple of decades. Yet, the past is not just something to marvel at and feel nostalgic about; it is something to behold, study, and learn from. The future, on the other hand, is no longer something to fantasize about and long for; it is something to plan for very carefully, taking into account the lessons of the past.

That thought-provoking duality of “Past and Future” is the first of our new year’s series under the overarching theme “The Dualities of Life”. Join us on this journey, and let us observe, question, and try to find answers together.

Sustainable Development Goals IV (Autumn 2019)

01 October 2019 , English - Arabic

In our final issue of 2019, we wrap up our year-long coverage of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All 17 SDGs are equally crucial; they all intertwine, and success of one goal contributes to success of all others. We invite you to dig into our new issue, hoping that you enjoy it and are inspired by it to look for methods you personally can contribute to the accomplishment of the Global Goals. 

Sustainable Development Goals III (Summer 2019)

01 July 2019 , English - Arabic

In this issue, we turn our attention to SDGs that are probably the most pressing, keeping in mind that all goals are intertwined. These goals, in particular, are felt worldwide and require the most urgent action; they are the goals that affect our basic livelihood, namely: No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-Being, and Clean Water and Sanitation. We also acknowledge in this issue the International Year of the Periodic Table; one of the most significant scientific achievements of all time. The success in all these goals is closely linked to the goal of Responsible Consumption and Production. As always, we hope you enjoy the new issue!

Sustainable Development Goals II (Spring 2019)

01 April 2019 , English - Arabic

As mentioned in our first issue of this year, SCIplanet will be tackling the SDGs throughout the year. All 17 Goals interconnect; they cover issues that affect us all and they involve us all to build a more sustainable, safer, more prosperous planet for all humanity. In this issue, we tackle goals that affect the quality of human life.

In our section dedicated to celebrating the International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT 2019), the feature She Set It covers the significant contributions of women scientists to the Periodic Table and thus to chemistry and physics. Enjoy the new issue, make sure to check out SCIplanet Online for more articles, and do not forget to subscribe in our monthly e-newsletter.

Sustainable Development Goals (Winter 2019)

01 January 2019 , English - Arabic

With the advent of the millennium, world leaders partnered to combat disease, hunger, poverty, illiteracy, discrimination, and environmental degradation. The rigorous efforts of governments, communities, civil societies, and the private sector helped expand hope and opportunity for people around the world. Since the world still needs to shift to a sustainable path, the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were put in place.

The SDGs are a commitment to complete what was started and tackle pressing challenges facing our world today. This year, SCIplanet Editorial Team will be discussing the SDGs in an attempt to help raise awareness and encourage readers to get engaged. We also acknowledge that 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table; one of the most significant scientific achievements of all time. We wish you all a Happy New and Sustainable Year, rich with awareness and proactivity.

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