Fact and Myth

It might be hard enough to understand life, when there are so many “facts” and opposite “myths” that confuse our perception to the world as we already know. Every day, scientists learn more about life and does not only bust myths, but also facts that are not actually true. Through this timeless and universal duality, we present in this theme some myths and facts, and explore together the real science behind them; we wish you a pleasant and useful reading!

Oceans and Marine Life

Water covers more than 70% of our planet, hiding most of its secrets in the depths of its mighty oceans. In addition to the splendidly diverse forms of life they host and the valuable resources they provide, oceans are key players in regulating climate. Studying oceanography also provides insights that help us understand and predict alarming natural events such as earthquakes and tsunamis. Therefore, understanding and preserving oceans is essential to achieve sustainability and maintain life on Planet Earth.

Woman and Child

Women and children are receiving increased global attention due to their vulnerable situations in many parts around the world. Many international, regional, and local entities focus their efforts to maintain the well-being of women and children and offer them fair opportunities. Under this theme, we introduce articles that tackle topics relevant to women and children’s health, motherhood and childhood, parenting tips, and other relevant areas of interest.

Science Story Time!

Every keen reader knows that reading is indeed a life-changing habit. Helping little children gain interest in reading is the best gift you can offer them; it is a gift that stays with them forever, fueling their minds with a passion for knowledge. On the other hand, in today’s world, international efforts are put to awaken the children’s interest in science at early stages, to encourage more of them to pursue their future careers in scientific fields. That said, who does not like bedtime stories? We offer you a diverse set of interesting stories, developed to spark little fellows’ curiosity about science, and above all, help you enjoy quality family time.

COVID-19 Pandemic

The first of its kind in the modern age in terms of magnitude and impact, the pandemic has struck the whole globe, posing threats to human health and life, and changing our lives in every possible way. Stay well-informed during the new coronavirus pandemic.

Good and Evil

Science is, has always been, and will always be the main battleground for good vs. evil; both sides will continue to tug on every chance it gets to use science to gain grounds and achieve wins over the other side.

The Past and the Future

The duality of past and future enriches the realm of thought and scientific discovery. In this theme, we tackle vital science issues throughout history, as well as present and future projections; we wish you a pleasant and useful reading!

Science Policy and Ethics

We tackle in this theme vital science and ethics issues, and we wish you a pleasant and useful reading!

Travel, Explore, and Venture

We are all travelers on an unending voyage of discovery! Within this theme, we travel together around the world and through time to explore our universe in an exciting adventure, discovering the wonders of science. We hope you enjoy your journey with us!

Science and Art

There is an eternal and a magical bond between the two realms “Science and Art” that seemingly look at opposite ends of the human activity spectrum.

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