Household Vampires


Power bills represent a monthly nightmare for every household; they require much money from the monthly budget. However, if we use appliances in a proper way, we will save both money and power; especially with the energy crisis we are currently facing.

Check the following Table to know which appliances consume much power:

- Water heater and clothes dryer (4,000 watts)
- Water pump  (3,000 watts)
- Space heater  (1,500 watts)
- Hair dryer  (1,200 watts)
- Electric range burner  (1,000 watts)
- Refrigerator  (1,000 watts)
- Computer and monitor  (400 watts)
- Light blub  (60 watts)

One of the main reasons which make your electricity bill high is plugging in some appliances regardless to whether you use it or not, such as the DVR, the computer and the television. These devices use electricity even if they are not working.

In order to save energy, you have to connect devices to power strips and turn these strips off when you are not using them. Also, you can change your computer sleep settings, for example, when the computer is on, it uses around 100 watts, but when it is sleeping it uses only about 2 watts.

Appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and clothes dryers also use electricity. So, you have to use front-loading washer as it uses less water and less electricity. Also, make sure that you add cold water because it costs less electricity. In addition to all this, you may hang up your clothes instead of using dryers.

In addition to the plugged devices and dishwashers, misusing of light bulbs also use electricity; some people unintentionally make a big mistake when they turn on lights to enhance the brightness of rooms.

Starting from today, use lighting only for specific areas and make sure to turn off lights when no longer needed. Also, you can use LED blubs as it uses 10 watts only.

Old appliances are a reason why our electricity bills are high. An old refrigerator, for example, can easily run for 10 hours daily and use about four times electricity more than new models. You have to update your appliances, or get ready to spend the money you saved on your monthly electricity bills.

Also, the appliances that use chargers: cell phones, Mp3 players, iPads, tablet PCs, laptops and portable game systems make your electricity bills high. The more you use them, the more you have to connect them to their charges. Then, you will pay much more money.

We can say that we are surrounded with energy vampires that use electricity, and our money as well. So, we have to stop this immediately and implement the right tips of how to use the electric appliances wisely.


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