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It Is Not Always about the Food: Eid Fitr Mubarak
(The Scientist Inside You)

Who says science is not sweet? Enjoy Eid al-Fitr with simple and easy science activities.

A Cultural Dis-ease
(Science and Art)

Several diseases have became common themes in media as they touch people directly, either positively or negatively!

Where is Air?
(The Scientist Inside You)

Air, fortunately, is free and everywhere, which means there is no need to buy or search for it. Let us enjoy these easy science experiments at home.

Kids’ New Companion: The Reading Robot!

A new study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison highlights the benefits of robots teaching kids to read.

Why We Need More Arab Women Scientists
(The People of Science: Scientists and Inventors)

My seven-year old daughter has all the makings of a future scientist. Watching her conducting experiments in my kitchen fills me with both pride and worry.

Hypatia: The Bride and Martyr of Science
(The People of Science: Scientists and Inventors)

Human history has witnessed tragedies and horrors that the people of science have endured confronting extremism and intolerance.

Museum Delusions

Van Gogh: Why is everyone so sure I cut off my own ear?!

Animal Testing Nightmare
(Science Policy and Ethics)

Can animal testing turn into a nightmare?

The Alphabet of Chemistry
(Chemistry: Our Life, Our Future)

Every material in the world is composed of different combinations of about 100 elements that cannot be broken down into simpler substances through ordinary chemistry.

The Pen; Transporter of Knowledge

No doubt that writing is part and parcel of the human pursuit of knowledge. Teaching, learning, and documenting sciences have all depended on it. 

Animal Testing
(Science Policy and Ethics)

Laboratory animals are most commonly used in biomedical research, education, and product safety testing. 

Smart Techniques for Smarter Education

Teachers use different tools to facilitate their hard profession; one of which is the writing board, which is the oldest and best known tool.

Stephen Hawking: A Legacy of Hope

A disease as grave as ALS could have broken any spirit; however, some people’s strength and determination are stronger than any disease; Stephen Hawking is one of those towering figures.

E-learning in Africa

Any nation aiming to join the ranks of advanced nations must first and foremost look to its educational system.

Things We Have Been Taught in School that are Not True (Part Two)

In this day and age, any post, link, or photo we see we have to play Sherlock Holmes with, because a lot of the stuff out there is fake. 

Things We Have Been Taught in School that are Not True (Part One)

There are misleading facts that have been passed down to us without anybody ever thinking about their origin or truth.

It is not always about the Food: Adha Mubarak
(The Scientist Inside You)

Muslims honor this event worldwide and enjoy festive meals; this year, why not add more fun to the celebrations and do one or more science activities with your children?

A Letter to a Young Scientist
(The People of Science: Scientists and Inventors)

I am writing to you today because I was informed that you have chosen science for a career. Well, congratulations my dear!


In 21st-century economy, higher levels of educational attainment correlate to higher earnings; skills and fields of training are an important currency in job markets.

Sleeping during Working Hours!
(Science Everywhere)

I visited Japan in 2001 on a scientific mission; after going through my visit's program, I was surprised to see sleeping cabins to use during working hours!

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