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Braille System: Feel the Words

The code named after Louis Braille is the standard form of writing and reading used by blind people in virtually every language around the world. 

Herophilus and Erasistratus: The Butchers of Alexandria
(The People of Science: Scientists and Inventors)

Thousands of years ago, during the golden era of scientific enquiry in the 3rd century BCE, our hometown Alexandria of Ptolemaic Egypt was the world’s greatest center of learning and scholarship. 

Belinda Parmar: Little Miss Geek
(The People of Science: Scientists and Inventors)

Many people tend to believe that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are “manly” subjects, and that women...

Successful Egyptian Startups
(The People of Science: Scientists and Inventors)

Have you ever had an idea that can be developed into a business. Well, this article presents four successful “startups” by young Egyptians; a “startup” being an entrepreneurial venture or a new business in the first stage of its operations. 

High Tech to the Help

Among the potential solutions to deal with the overarching educational problems that Africa faces nowadays is technology; as in computers, cellphones, satellites, ... etc.

Google’s Classroom

A new tool developed by the technology mogul lately as part of its Google for Education apps suite, Google Classroom is designed to help teachers communicate more effectively with students.

Tablets in Schools

Go out on any given day and a common sight that will meet you is people staring at screens they hold in their hands.

Theory of Multiple Intelligences

The “Multiple Intelligences” is a theory introduced by Harvard Professor, Howard Gardner, in which he identifies eight different types of intelligences that each individual has the capacity to possess.

Active Learning

The Egyptian student is more likely to be taught by the traditional methods where most class time is spent with the teacher or professor lecturing and the students watching and listening.

Pre-Kindergarten Home Education

Getting ready for kindergarten (KG) involves more than just learning the ABCs, it requires learning important skills.

Educational Apps

Tablets are not only there for fun, they are actually marketed to customers as tools that will help them with their productivity.

What Type of Learner are You?

Students take in and process information in different ways. Thus they have different learning styles. 

Speech Sounds Recognition
(Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health)

Have you ever thought how do our brains recognize voices and speech?

Movie Review: A Beautiful Mind
(Science and Art)

Inspired by a true story about the extraordinary life of the Noble prize winner John Nash.

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