Phase 2

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Youth for Change phase II succeeded in reaching out and supporting hundreds of Arab youth in the different targeted Arab countries:

13 youth have been chosen as focal points to coordinate and promote the program activities in their countries.
  • 13 host organizations supported and promoted the program. This promotion along with TIG and BA networks made it possible for over 435 youth to participate in the knowledge sharing events, 200 to participate in the live chats and proposal writing sessions, and over 150 participants in the Panorama and Global Gallery contest.
  • We received 160 project applications for the mini-grants of which 27 were offered the mini-grants. These projects focused on crucial issues facing young people in the Arab world such as employment, education, environment, HIV/AIDS, volunteerism, social media, women rights, human rights and democracy.
  • 6 winners (Ahmed Haroon from Egypt, Hala Murad from Jordan, Grace Azar from Lebanon, Ehsan Nasr from Palestine, Hafedh Ben Miled from Tunisia and Mohammed Al-Jaberi from Yemen) participated in the World Youth Congress in Istanbul-Turkey 2010, to receive additional support, training and access to international networks focused on supporting youth-led development
  • All winners and focal points participated in the 5th Arab Youth Forum and the 7th Arab Reform Conference in Alexandria -Egypt to present their projects and share experiences with other youth in the MENA region.
  • The number of TIG members from the MENA region increased from 6,200 - 8,000, which is an increase of 1,800, over the course of the program. These new members have been actively contributing to the different sections of TIG including the discussion boards, blogs, Panorama and Global Gallery sections.

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Program Team

Eng. Esraa Adlan
Program Manager
Heba El-Rafey
PR & International Communications Director
Jennifer Corriero
Executive Director
Michael Furdyk
Director of Technology and Finance
Tala Nabulsi
Program Manager

Country Coordinators

Adel Gana
Country: Algeria
Bandali Tarazi
Country: Palestine
El Sayed Adnan
Country: Bahrain
Essam Asaad
Country: Iraq
Fahad Al-Farhan
Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Fedia Gasmi
Country: Tunisia
Homoud El-Enezi
Country: Kuwait
Maya Boutros
Country: Lebanon
Moataz Adil
Country: Sudan
Mohamad Eiad Charbaji
Country: Syria
Naoufal El Hammoumi
Country: Morocco
Noor Shaqlous
Country: Jordan
Noureddin Adel
Country: Egypt

Agents of Change/Winners

Ahmed Haroon
Country: Egypt
Ehsan Naser
Country: Palestine
Project: -
Grace Al Azar
Country: Lebanon
Project: Girl Power
Hala Subhi Murad
Country: Jordan
Project: Green Snowbal


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