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New Books

Enjoy reading new books at the Children's Library

Stories from the Ballet

Do you like the ballet? Read fun stories from all your favorite ballets like Swan Lake, the Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty.

Pettson Goes Camping

Join the adventure with Pettsons when goes camping with his cat Findus. The only problem is that the hens want to go too!



Nose to Toes

Learn about all the amazing thing that you can do with your body. Follow the other children as they pretend to be different animals.

The Tiny Kite of Eddie Wing

Eddie loves kites. He thinks about kites all and dreams about kites all night. He is too poor to buy a kite of his own but one day that all changes when someone gives him a wonderful gift.



The Little Troll

LLittle Troll wants to know why trolls can’t go into the sunshine like everyone else! He searches long and hard for the answer and when he finally finds it, it’s a big surprise for everyone!

A Real Little Bunny

A Sequel to the Velveteen Rabbit – Found out what happens to the Velveteen Rabbit after he becomes real live bunny. Follow him on his adventures as he learns how to become a real rabbit instead of just a toy.