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Coptic Egypt

Egyptian Civilization in the Coptic Period
Christianity was introduced into Egypt in the middle of the first century AD. With the coming of Saint Mark to Alexandria in the year 65 AD, the first Coptic church in Egypt was founded, amongst the prevalence of ancient pagan religions such as the Egyptian, Greek and Roman besides the only heavenly religion; Judaism.

The Holly Family in Egypt
In their escape They picked their way, day after day, through hidden valleys and across the rugged wastelands of Sinai.

Christian Monuments

View St Mark Church in Alexandria, which reputedly was established by St. Mark the Evangelist who brought Christianity to Egypt, the hanging church on top of the Southern gate of the fortress of Babylon in Cairo as well as other famous churches in Egypt.

The famous Monastery of St. Catherine in Sinai F founded in the early 6 the century on the foothills of Mussa mountain (Mount Moses), Monasteries of Wadi Al Natroun as well as other Monasteries.

The Coptic Museum