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Modern Egypt

The Modern History of Egypt
Learn more about the othman period, the French expedition to Egypt in 1798, Mohamed Ali the Founder of Modern Egypt, the British occupation, the 1919 revolution and 1952 revolution and more.

Time for Kids. Go Places Egypt
View a sightseeing guide of Egypt, follow Amr a 12 Year Egyptian Boy to see how life looks like for real Egyptian Kid and learn Arabic Phrases (the national Egyptian Language).

Egyptian Cities
Take a tour of Egypt click on cities presented on the map to learn more about Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Sheikh, Siwa Oasis as well as other Egyptian cities.

Explore Alexandria
Photo Album

Discover Sinai
Discover the major sites in Sinai, the history of Sinai, fun activities in Sinai and much more.

Sharm El Sheikh
Discover Sharm El Sheikh. Photo Album of beaches resorts of Sharm El Sheikh.

Hurghada Gallery
Photo Album

Red Sea: Underwater world
Discover the mysterious Underwater world.

Wild Egypt: Online Safari
Learn about animals around the nile, camels, Egyptian Jackals, Red Sea Fishes and Corals.

Discover the Egyptian Oasis
Learn more about the Egyptian dessert and its beautiful Oasis.

Explore Egypt
Pharaonic Egypt, Graeco Roman Egypt, Coptic Egypt, Islamic Egypt, Modern Egypt, Egyptian Oasis, Beaches in Egypt and much more.

Modern History of Egypt

Fun places for Kids in Egypt

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Exploratorium
Visit the Discovery Zone, the Multi Exhibition Area and join workshops and programs.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium
Watch a live and multi-media shows presented by the Planetarium.

Cairo Children Museum
Learn more about Egypt with its River Nile, deserts, oases and mountains... Egypt with its plants, birds and animals.Egypt with its people, arts, sciences and music.

Fun things to do with Kids in Cairo
Go to the Egyptian Museum, Get out on the Nile in a river taxi (boat), visit the famous Khan El Khalili Bazaar and...

Places to visit in Egypt
The website offers information and ideas about touristic places (Museums, Theaters, Parks and Libraries) in Cairo.

The Pharaonic Village
Take a tour in a boat and watch in the canal of Mythology, where you can watch over 100 actors and actresses performing roles of normal people in ancient Egypt.

Beaches & Resorts in Egypt
Discover the fascinating beaches of the Mediterranean sea and the Red sea with its crystal clear waters and unique colored coral reefs and rare fishes.

Cairo Zoo
Established in 1980, it contains a large variety of species of animals and birds in addition to exotic plants and trees.

The Cairo Tower
Its nice to be up high in Cairo. The Cairo Tower offers a panoramic view of the great city Cairo with its old and modern districts.

Al Azhar Park
In the most the most significant historic districts of Islamic Cairo.