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Islamic Egypt

Egypt under the Islamic Rule
The Muslim invasion of Egypt came on 641 under the leadership of the Arabian General Amr Ibn El As. At that time, Egyptians were unhappy with the Byzantine Empire's rule, which made it easier for the Islamic army to overrun Egypt.

The Abbasid Period in Egypt
The Muslim third civil war created a shift in ruling families, from Umayyads to Abbasid. Egypt was now ruled from Baghdad.

Egypt under the Fatimid Rule
In the second half of the tenth century the Fatimid general Gawhar, a former slave, marched to Fustat-Misr and took the city on August 5th, 969 for his khalif, al-Muiz.

Egypt under the Ayyubid Rule
When the young Caliph al Adid died that Saladin moved in. He expelled eighteen thousand members of the Fatimid family that lived inside the enclosure. He took none of the wealth for himself and didn't even live in the palaces. He opened the gates and allowed the population to build inside and around the royal city. This was the beginning of a city called Cairo, which was Saladin's city.

The Mameluke Period
Al Salih Ayyub died when he was too young to have an heir, so his widow, Shaggar ad Durr decided to rule herself. She was respected enough by the Mameluke When Shaggar ruled alone, the Mamelukes essentially ruled the city anyway. The white slaves imported by the Egyptian governors now ruled Egypt.

Isalmic Monument in Cairo

Cairo Islamic Monuments
Explore islamic Cairo. picture of islamic monuments of the early Islamic period, the Toulunids period, the Ikhshids period, the Fatimid period, the Ayyubid, the Mameluk and the Ottoman period as well as the dynasty of Mohamed Ali Pasha the founder of modern Egypt.

Cairo Historical Mosques
Photos and description of some of the famous mosques in Cairo.

Historical Islamic Buildings in Cairo
In Al Azhar district there are many historical buildings such as Beit El-Seheimi, Khan El-Khalili Bazaar as well as other buildings and mosques.

The Citadel of Cairo
One of Cairo's most popular tourist attractions.

Islamic Monument in Alexandria and other Egyptian Cities
The Fort of Qaitbey built in the 1480's by Sultan Qaitbey, on the site of Alexandria's ancient lighthouse, The Agha Khan Mausoleum in Aswan and the Fortress of Salah El - Din on Pharaoh's Island.