SCIplanet Team (Resident Team)

Maissa Azab (Editor-in-Chief )

Maissa Azab is SCIplanet Editor-in-Chief, and Head of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) Cultural Outreach Sector Publications Unit since 2013, after leading the Publications Team at the BA Planetarium Science Center (PSC) since 2006. Maissa graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1999, and joined the PSC in 2004. She has always enjoyed a diversity of interests that usually combine the artistic with the realistic; hence, her great passion for combining art and science, which eventually inspired her to use the art of the written word and graphic design to deliver science to the general public, with the aim of engaging and enlightening Egyptian minds. She is also the Executive Director of the North Africa and Middle East Science centers network (NAMES) after serving as NAMES Secretary for ten years since the network’s inception in 2006.


Shahenda Ayman (Resident Editor)

A 2009 graduate of the Faculty of Arts, English Department. Shahenda first joined the PSC in 2007 as a volunteer, where she assisted animators in conducting workshops and organizing events. Then she joined the PSC editorial team in 2008 as an outsource translator; she became a full-time editor and translator by end–2010. She is one of the rotational managing editors of the first popular science magazine in Egypt, SCIplanet. As a person with basic scientific background, she understands and believes in the importance of relaying scientific information to the reader in the simplest, most interesting manner. Working in a great cultural hub that is the Library of Alexandria, and within her editorial role in the cultural outreach sector, she enjoys being constantly introduced to interesting fields of science, heritage, and art.


Sara Khattab (Resident Editor)

Sara Khattab graduated from the Faculty of Arts, English Department, in 2008. She first worked as a kindergarten teacher for a little more than 2 years; she additionally worked as an outsource translator with the PSC. In 2011, Sara joined the PSC editorial team as a full-time editor and translator. Her experience as a teacher inspired her while developing interactive educational publications targeting children. She believes in the importance of informal science education to combat the boredom that might be caused by the rigid school curriculum and science textbooks.


Hend Fathy (Resident Editor)

Hend Fathy obtained her BA in 2008 with a major in Translation and Linguistics; she joined the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in the same year. She became a member of SCIplanet editorial team as an editor and translator in 2012, and has since been actively engaged in science communication through researching, writing, editing, and translating scientific content. Her main passion is translation; she has been professionally practicing translation and participating in several enlightening projects since 2008. Hend is also a keen follower of science media, enjoys reading, and a mother of two kids. 


Esraa Ali (Resident Editor)

Born in Saudi Arabia in 1986, Esraa Ali has been working at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina since her graduation in 2008. Her career and academic plans have focused on promoting cultural knowledge and public awareness. She started her career as a Fundraising Specialist, then as a Publications Editor, which has given her experience in arts, history, heritage, and science communication, amongst others. Moreover, she is a team member of two significant BA projects: HE Funding  and SCIplanet. She holds a BA in Linguistics and Translation, and is pursuing her MA in the History and Civilization of the Mediterranean Sea.


Maha Sherin (Resident Designer)

Born in Alexandria, Maha Sherin received her BSc in Fine Arts, Communication Graphic Design, in 2006. The following year, she received a diploma in multimedia from the Information Technology Institute. Since then, she has worked in different fields related to informal education and arts until she joined the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in 2009 as a Graphics Designer.


Faten Mahmoud (Resident Designer)

Faten Mahmoud is a Graphics Designer at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Cultural Outreach since 2012. She studied Electronics and Communications Engineering at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport, but her passion for graphic designing has never ceased. She earned a Graphic Design scholarship from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, in 2008, then joined the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in 2010.


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