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All participants are kindly requested to arrange their transportation to and from the conference venue (Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt). Transportation from the Hotel to our premises will be provided only for the speakers.

A) Departing to Alexandria
The distance from Cairo to Alexandria is approximately  220 km northwest. The Cairo International Airport is located about 22 km from downtown Cairo. There are 3 terminals about 6 km apart from each other. The following options are available to move from Cairo International Airport to Alexandria:
1) Trains: Each major city has a central train station. In Cairo, it is Ramses Square; and in Alexandria, it is Sidi Gaber and Masr station. There is a train almost every one hour and they are the most comfortable means of travel from Cairo to Alexandria. For more information or for online ticket booking please visit the official website of the ENR (Egyptian National Railways)
2) Buses: Buses are the second option to travel between Cairo and Alexandria, you can choose from several bus companies. West Delta, Super Jet or El Gouna are the companies most popular. Tickets cost range between EGP 30  and EGP 50, and you may  call ahead to determine if there are any changes in the bus schedule.
3) Air Travel: If you do not mind paying extra and do not want to waste your time, domestic air travel is also available between most major cities. Please check (
B) Transportation within the cities
1) Limousine Services: Limousine services are offered by different companies for fixed fees. Representatives are located, upon arrival, at the airport and at hotel lobbies. Contact us for more information. 
2) Public Taxis: Public taxis are found all over the cities of Cairo and Alexandria. Cairo taxis are notable for their black and white color; while taxis in Alexandria are orange-yellow and black in color. When taking a taxi, you should agree on the fee before your ride, as there is no meter in use.
3) Metro (Cairo) and Tram (Alexandria): The cheapest and fastest means of transport in Cairo is the “Metro system” whose station locations are marked by a big red "M" sign. The Metro runs daily from 5:30 am until 12:30 am. Tickets cost one Egyptian pound, and the front wagon of every train is dedicated for women only. In Alexandria, the cheapest (but not the fastest) means of transportation is the Tram, where the tickets cost a quarter of a pound (25 piasters). Like the Metro, the Tram has the first wagon dedicated to women only.