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Arts & Museums

Smart Kids
Learn the language of arts and see arts in different ways.

San Francisco Symphony Kids
Learn about music and musical instruments.

Access Arts
Explore and enjoy a series of exciting online workshops created by AccessArts.

The Renaissance Connection
Explore the History of Arts and find out how the renaissance innovations contributed in the development of the modern world.

Kinder Art
Learn while having fun. Enjoy free art lessons on the Internet.

The Incredible Art
Find links to lots of exciting interactive Arts websites.

Inside Art
Jump into a painting and explore it from the inside out.

Pintura Art Detective
An online game about art history and art composition.

A Lifetime for Color
Create Arts, Study Arts and play art games. Learn about colors, drawing techniques, portrait and oil techniques.

The Artist's Toolkit
Explore the toolkit and find out the tools the artist's use to create their artistic works.

Art Wow
The website provides online lessons. Learn how to draw perfect human faces flowers, shapes and much more.

Play Music
Find information about musical instruments and playing techniques.

Introduction to reading music
Reading music is not difficult. Just visit this website and learn how to read music.

Out of the Box
Enjoy the disney play house. Sing songs and play music.


Kids World
This Site provides links to many arts and science museums all around the world.

Art Safari
This website invites you to explore the painting and sculpture collection of The Museum of Modern Art.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo
The Museum exhibit around 12000 object from the pre history till the Greco Roman Period.

The Graeco Roman Museum in Alexandria
The Museum consists of 27 halls and an attractive garden, which offer an excellent introduction to the Greek and Roman art of Egypt.

Islamic Ceramic Museum in Cairo
The museum exhibits masterpieces of Islamic ceramics from throughout the centuries.

Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum in Cairo
The museum exhibits masterpieces of great artists who extensively contributed to the movements of fine art in Europe in general and France in particular in the 19 th century.

The Coptic Museum in Cairo
The museum houses more than 16000 pieces.

Explore Egypt
The website provides lots of information about museums in egypt.

Islamic Art
Understanding islamic art and Arabic calligraphy.