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Computers & Internet
Computers for Kids
What is a computer? Find out the parts of your computer and how to take care of your computer.

Basics of Computers
Get Introduced to Computers. Follow the tutorials guidelines and learn how to use computers. Find out the history of computers.

Designing websites is great fun and with WebGenies it's not that hard either. Here you'll find everything you need to create a first rate site:

The Thinking Site
Understand what are Hardwares, softwares, computer crimes, Networking and much more.

What is www? what is a browser and url? Visit this website to find out. Here you can also find out the history of the internet and learn how to send e-mails. The website includes games and other fun stuff.

Get your Web Licence
Take the "rules of the road" test and learn how to surf the internet.

Kids Computer lab
Here students can learn about computer tasks including saving, email, computer decorating and the internet.

The Kids Computer Room
Learn how to bookmark a web page, discover the language of emoticons, and find out how tough a computer can be.

Interactive Web Design tool for kids. Here Kids can learn to create web pages and upload them to the Net.

Liss Explains it All
Learn step by step how to make their own Web page and publish it on the WWW.

Dr J.J.R teach you computer
Learn how parts inside and outside a computer works, take a little quiz to test how much you know about computers and find out the history of computers.

Class Zone
Offers quizzes that cover Internet basics and a guide on doing research on the web.

ABC's of the Internet
What is the Internet? Why use the Internet? Learn more about the Internet and find a complete Internet glossary.