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Books, Stories, Tails and Poems
International Children's Digital Library
Books and stories from all over the world in their original language.

Andersen FairyTales
Classic folk stories and fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen with flash animation and narration.

Grimm FairyTales
Folk and fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. Read and hear interactive, narrated, and animated stories. Children's literature and folklore classics featuring animals, princesses, magic, and fabulous creatures.

Magical Kingdom
Uncle Gnorman or Grandpapa Gnorman will be telling you some good, old, favorite stories as well as new stories about the Magical Kingdom.

Children's storybook online
Enjoy this wonderful selection of cool animated stories.

Short Stories
EEnjoy a wide selection of stories for all ages including animals, fables, and fairy tales.

The Colorful StoryBook
Illustrated fairy tale site. Read the Owl and the Pussycat, the Three Bears and many more.

Adventure Stories
Well known adventure stories for children: Ali Baba, Robinson Crusoe and many more.

Sur La Lune Fairy tales
Discover hundreds of fairy tales from around the world.

AESOP's Fables
Animated traditional and modern fables.
Enjoy reading children's famous fairy tales like: Cinderella, Snow White, the Ugly Duckling and many more.
Enjoy folk tales, original Indian stories, and other children's classics and poems.

Mama Lisa's World Children Songs & Nursery Rhymes
Illustrated nursery rhymes accompanied by funny sounds and kids songs from around the world.

Nursery Rhymes Collected by Daughter Goose
Babba Black Sheep, Christmas is Coming, Jack and Jill, and many more