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All Kinds of Animals

Kratts' Creatures
Go on a creature adventure and explore the jungle. Find information on cool creatures all over the world.

Animal Diversity Web
Find information on different types of creatures like mammals, amphibians and others. It is a large encyclopedia of the natural history of animals.

Learn more about amphibians, invertebrates, underwater creatures as well as other creatures.

The Zoo Book
The website includes lots of pictures and information on animals as well as games and activities.

National Kids
Get to know some of the most interesting and unusual members of the wild world-from cheetahs to crocodiles and whales to warthogs.

National Zoological Park
Learn about elephants, pandas, lions, Flamingos and lots of other animals.

Kids Go Wild
At Kids Go Wild you may find information on different animals such as elephants, Lions, Bears and much more.

Find pictures and information on Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians found at the Fort Worth Zoo.

Animal Land
This website includes an animal encyclopedia, information on pets as well as games and cartoons.

Wild Egypt: Online Safari
Learn about animals around the nile, camels, Egyptian Jackals, Red Sea Fishes and Corals.

The A-Z of Camels
Find information on Camels; their body structure, their behavior and other characteristics.

The World Almanac for Kids
Amazing Facts about animals.

Kids Planet / Species Fact Sheet
Do you know the different animals in America, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia? Click this link to learn more.

The Open Directory for Kids & Teens
Tones of Links to websites providing information about all type of animals.
Find all about large animals
Mammals are the only animals that produce yummy milk to feed their babies. learn more about mammals.

Canadian Museum of Nature
Learn more about different types of Mammals: lions, camels, gorillas and much more.

Fish & Marine Life

Planet Ocean
Discover the amazing underwater world.

All about Dolphins
What are Dolphins? How do they communicate? What do Dolphins eat? Learn all about dolphins.
Learn about fish, sharks, dolphins, Seal and Sea lions.

Fish at the James R. Record Aquarium
What are sharks? What are teleosts? What are Lungfish and Bichirs?
All about Lobsters

Farm Animals
Learn about animals that are raised on the farm.

Crocodiles & Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Floor
This is a great site about the history of Dinosaurs.
Find tons of facts about dinosaurs With profiles of over 300 known dinosaurs.

National Geography: Dinosaur egg
Join us now for an online egg hunt and catch the excitement of fossil researchers as they "hatch" fossilized dinosaur eggs to reveal the embryos inside.

The World of Dinosaurs
Find information on Dinosaurs, play games and quizzes.
Play games with dinosaurs.


National Geography for Kids
Learn more about the SuperCroc one of the largest crocodiles.


Amazing Insects
Find great fact and pictures of insects for you science studies.

Children's Butterfly Site
The website provides information on butterfly and moth life cycle, coloring pages and questions and answers.

Insecta Inspecta World
Join Insecta Inspecta team and enter the amazing world of insects!

The Adventures of Herman the worm
Herman the worm will take you in a trip and teaches you all about worms including their history, their anatomy, what they like to eat.
Find information on insects and spiders.

Bug Facts
Facts on Ants, Fly, Flea, Mice, Rats and other insects.

What is a butterfly? what do they do? What is the lifecycle of the butterfly?