Climate Observations based on ALLATRA SCIENCE


Global climate change is one of the most important international problems of the 21st century. The overall rapid increase in the dynamics of cataclysms, which have been observed in recent decades, is particularly alarming. Today, there is a big risk of misunderstanding and underestimating all the factors and the scale of influence of various cosmic and geological processes on global climate change.

At the end of the 20thcentury, some scientists put forward various hypotheses and theories about gradual climate change; however, in practice, everything turned out to be somewhat different. A thorough analysis of the growing number of natural disasters and extreme weather events around the world, as well as statistical factors of cosmic and geophysical parameters in recent years, has shown a disturbing tendency towards their significant increase over a short period of time.

If scientists of the past made their conclusions based on research and observations with limited technical means and resources of the time, today, the scientific range of possibilities has become much wider. The latest research in the field of elementary particles physics and neutrino astrophysics, conducted by a working team of scientists at the ALLATRA International Public Movement offers increased opportunities for advanced fundamental and applied research.

History has taught us that lack of unification of human society on moral basis and joint actions of people on the planet, continent, and region, regarding preparations for large-scale cataclysms and disasters result in the destruction of most of these people. Only advance preparation and unity of the peoples of the world before impending natural danger gives mankind more chances of survival and the possibility to jointly overcome the difficulties in the era of global climate change of the planet.

New developments in the field of climatic engineering also offer great opportunities and prospects for further scientific activity in this direction. They make it possible to monitor climate, determine the course of events related to climate change based on multifactor analysis, identify compensatory mechanisms of nature, and launch relevant local or general actions aimed at changing climate conditions. The latest developments of ALLATRA scientific group in this field make it possible already today to identify quite accurately the “focal” or the so-called “problem area” on the planet, which will trigger irreversible changes in the near future.

In nature, there is a continuous process of movement and transformation of matter at different levels of its organization, at different speed, with different phase states, physical and other conditions, etc. Science has proven that, if the human eye cannot see these transformations, it does not mean that these processes do not exist. It is interesting that Man, as a biological creature, as a resident of the three-dimensional world, is substantially limited in his perception, and consequently, cognition, of the surrounding reality.


On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth Report
Olga Andreeva, Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review Article

*Adapted from an article published in SCIplanetEarth Sciences (Spring 2017) Issue.

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