Articles (Story)

Youssef and the Biological Clock
(Life Sciences)

The biological clock is responsible for major changes in our behavior, mood, and body functions; every cell have something similar to a clock.

Young Diabetics... Young Champions
(Science Story Time!)

The mother called her 11-year-old son from among his soccer peers before the match started, pointing to her arm.

It Is Not Always as It Seems
(Science Story Time!)

This day has been carefully marked in Omar’s calendar; it is his first day in swimming training after a long year of hard studying.

Where is the Moon?
(Science Story Time!)

"Where is the Moon?” Ahmed wondered as he looked at the dark night sky. The Moon is nowhere to be found. “But, it was there. I saw it.” The sky was clear, so the Moon was not hiding behind the clouds.

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Final Episode
(Science Story Time!)

Who wants to live on this planet with its growing pollution, ignorance, and lack of conscious? That is what the shortest called for in the previous episodes. 

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Episode 7
(Science Story Time!)

These creatures are rational, intelligent, developed, and liberated; they come from a faraway planet they promised to tell you its name and location.

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Episode 6
(Science Story Time!)

Morning is about to break; you ask yourself: Wont these creatures ever leave my room?

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Episode 5
(Science Story Time!)

Happiness overwhelms you as you hear the creatures offering to tell you their secrets voluntarily. 

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Episode 4
(Science Story Time!)

“I want to leave this planet, I want to leave this planet,” the shortest kept repeating as the sound of demolition kept rising in the street and the smoke leaked into the room. 

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Episode 3
(Science Story Time!)

Having stopped because the very tall, the very short, and the very fat are all staring at the window, you attempt to draw their attention to continue the conversation, but to no avail.

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Episode 2
(Science Story Time!)

The fat, the short, and the tall have raised many questions inside your head about planet Earth, the development of life on it, and the whole human civilization issue.

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Episode 1
(Science Story Time!)

They descended from the sky shrouded from everyone; without any noise, nobody could see them or feel their presence. They came to you and asked you to join them, to be their guide during their journey on our Earth.


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