Articles (Communication)

Environmentally Friendly Cellphones
(Environment and Climate Change)

During the early days of computers, if system engineers needed to fix something, they skim through the operating specifications manual and start to break out the soldering iron and fix a connection on a circuit board or other components.

Speech Sounds Recognition
(Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health)

Have you ever thought how do our brains recognize voices and speech?

How to Talk to Your Doctor
(Health and the Human Body)

When it comes to staying healthy or living with a medical condition, your doctor is one of the most valuable resources you have. 

Esperanto: A Universal Language
(Human Civilization)

Would it not be amazing if we all had a shared language? 

The Last of His Tribe
(Human Civilization)

Cooking for one, hunting for one, taking care of your house by yourself, having no one to talk to because no one speaks your language; this is the life a man leads in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. He is the last of his tribe.

Get Ready For Wireless Power
(Energy and Water)

We live in the era of wireless devices; satellites, cell phones, laptops, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2G, 3G, 4G.

Human Electricity
(Energy and Water)

Without electricity, you would not be reading this article right now.

Cloud Storage
(Technology and Inventions)

Have you ever experienced a hard disk failure? 

Cloud Computing
(Technology and Inventions)

Have you ever used the cloud storage service “Dropbox”?

Google Fiber: The Evolution of the Internet
(Technology and Inventions)

If you are a computer geek like me, you will know exactly what a beta test is.

Green Transportation: The Filipino Experience
(Environment and Climate Change)

Tricycles or “Tok Tok”, as they are widely known in Egypt, have become an inevitable nagging part of our daily life.

The Dawn of the Robots: Meet ASIMO
(Technology and Inventions)

For decades, we remained equally fascinated and scared of the Humanoids of science fiction.

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